Principal's Corner



Is a Bearcat a real animal? Have you ever wondered?  Our fifth grade students posed this question to me on homecoming week. I went back to my office and as many of us do, I "googled" it. I discovered the Binturong who is also known as a Bearcat. It lives in South and Southeast Asia among the tall trees. They use their tail to keep balance clinging to the branches. They are not a fast animal, but move about gently during the day and at night. They feed on small mammals, birds, fish, earthworms, insects and fruits. We had a colorful picture of our Bearcat friend for the students to see at lunch time. There was a difference of opinions on his looks. Some felt he was cute and some felt he was ugly. We all agreed he could not hold a candle to our fierce Whitesboro Bearcat Teams!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the picture of our Bearcat and have an opportunity to discuss your student's thoughts.


Mrs. Henley